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This Is Why You Should Consider Trade School Instead Of College

2 days ago

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Have you bought your Lobby Day ticket yet? Now is the time to request your vacation or comp time day off. State employees are being attacked, agencies are facing cuts, we need you in Austin April 12th. to show the enemy we are unbreakable

3 days ago

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106 years ago today, 146 workers were killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. It’s a story about sweatshops, greedy bosses and utter disregard for worker safety. But it’s also about remembering 146 people who died one day just because they went to work to provide for their families. #NEVERFORGET, #SAFETY, #PROUAW

4 days ago

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Dave BaxleyI tell this story at every opportunity I get, along with the Ludlow Massacre.3 days ago

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