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On January 11, 1912, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)-organized “Bread & Roses” textile strike of 32,000 women and children began in Lawrence, Mass. It lasted 10 weeks and ended in victory. The first millworkers to walk out were Polish women, who, upon collecting their pay, exclaimed that they had been cheated and promptly abandoned their looms.

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Are you in the middle class? What you think and what the numbers say might not add up. Today, fewer Americans are middle class than 45 years ago.

FRONTLINE, Marketplace Business News and PBS NewsHour investigate what a shrinking middle class means for the economy in the latest installment of "How the Deck Is Stacked." Tell us what living a middle class life means to you. to.pbs.org/21aCcXV

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Dave BaxleyI’ve tried advocating for a consumer boycott of non essential goods and services, but we’ve become too indoctrinated to ever cut back on our wasteful spending. The consumers of our nation could bring the corporations to their knees simply by cutting back on excessive spending.11 hours ago

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United We Dream – Houston’s launch of "Era of resistance." Houston is a diverse community and we will make sure it remains that way. #NoHate #HereToStay #HtownisHome

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