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QuikTrip, a convenience-store chain with 700 locations, pays cashiers $40,000/year–twice the average–and managers earn $70,000. Employees also receive excellent benefits including healthcare, vision, dental, 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, bonuses, and stock options.
Treating their workforce well has paid off: employee turnover rates are 10% (compared to nearly 60% for the industry), and QuikTrip stores generate 50% more sales than competitors. Share if you think Walmart and McDonald’s should follow QuikTrip. Like our page US Uncut

Source: theatln.tc/1diqHoe
QuikTrip benefits: www.quiktrip.com/Jobs/Benefits

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Fusion Comedy
Voices At Work shared Fusion Comedy‘s Comedian Chris Cubas’ Handy Guide to Staying Rich AF.

Comedian, bouncer and really really poor guy Chris Cubas learns what it’s like to be rich AF — for a month.

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